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20 Years Of Experience in the Accounting Service

The highest goal of Nonthaburi Accounting

The highest goal of Nonthaburi Accounting is the correctness of the outcome and the privacy and satisfaction of our customers.

Quality is our standard.

We never stop learning and keep pace with the rapidly changing technology to provide the highest standard of service and meet the customers.

Personnel selection Accounting quality

On the personnel side We have staff training on a regular basis. For employees Have the ability development And be aware of various changes So it made us Ensure that our staff, which have professional expertise And have direct experience In accounting for a long time Will be able to serve you well.

"The Correctness Of The Outcome And The Privacy And Satisfaction Of Our Customers."

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Our Service

20 years of experience, we are confident that our staff, which have professional expertise And has direct experience in accounting for a long time Able to serve you well.

Accounting service, bookkeeping, and financial statements preparation. Prepare Trial Balance, Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Detailed General Ledger as required by law and the Revenue Department.

Registration services with Ministry of Commerce and the Revenue Department of the Ministry of Finance for establishing a company, partnership, association, etc.

Audit account and financial statement by a Certified Public Accountant(CPA) according to Thai Accounting Standard, which refer to International Accounting Standard(IAS)

Consultancy service of an accounting system planning. The system planning makes corporate internal control more effective, minimize chances of fraud and erroneous.